iOS App Allows You to Keep Your Drunk Facebook Pictures Private

Everyone who uses social media knows that Facebook and alcohol don't mix well. That's why developer Pierre Sarda has released -- a new iOS app that gives users the ability to control who sees their images, and allows them to automatically destroy photos after a predetermined time.

Secret iOS App

The new iOS app was actually designed for people who are put off by the lack of privacy on Facebook, but still want to share personal photos with family and friends. allows a person to upload any image from their iPhone library, and choose who can view it. The user's chosen friends will then receive an in-app and Facebook notification letting them know that an image was uploaded for them to see. The Photos uploaded through the app are eventually destroyed at the end of a specific time limit determined by the user. keeps your personal photos out of the hands of potential employers, stalkers and strangers. However, don't forget that any image can be saved before it is wiped by the app.

You can download for free through the Apple App Store. It's compatible with all current iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or higher.

From the official press release:

So, how secure are the photos being shared?

· Photos shared through aren't visible at any time when being sent to contacts- only the filtered version is visble to designated friends on Facebook

· No clear copy of the photo or the metadata associated with the photo is stored on any of the servers used by the app. This protects users from tracking and tagging.

· Photos are destroyed at the end of the validity determined by the user.