Discover new podcasts with Aurora

Aurora Podcast Discovery iOS app

If you’re like millions of iPhone users, you love a good podcast. Once a pretty niche industry, podcasts are quickly replacing audiobooks and music playlists as the default form of audio entertainment on the go. The way things are going in the podcasting world, your favorite author is as likely to have a podcast as your next-door neighbor is.

Therein lies the problem. While it’s nice to have so many podcast options out there, actually finding new podcasts to listen to can require you to wade through thousands of available options. Maybe you hear about one from friends or run into something new using the default podcast app’s search function, but it is far too easy to miss out on some great podcast that’s perfect for you simply because it gets buried under the pile of a thousand other options.

This is where the Aurora - Podcast Discovery app comes in.

Upon first glance, Aurora doesn’t look like anything particularly new. In fact, its layout and podcast management options even resemble the ones you find on the default iOS podcast application.

But where Aurora separates itself from every other podcast application is in its emphasis on discovery. Aurora is designed to help you easily wade through the vast podcast market to find the perfect one for you. The most notable way it accomplishes this is through organic recommendations. Aurora does an incredible job of analyzing the podcasts you initially subscribe and recommending ones you may also liked based on your preferences.

What’s truly amazing about this is that Aurora doesn’t just look for podcasts in the same genre, it actually analyzes your general interests and begins to recommend exciting new podcast areas you may have never thought to discover otherwise. Even better, the app’s share function makes it easy to pass along any new favorites to your friends.

The surprising highlight of Aurora, though, is the editors section. This area features podcasts recommended by the Aurora staff, and covers topics ranging from best individual podcast episodes to podcasts designed for the intellectual gamer. The pleasing layout of this section and its eclectic variety makes exploring these recommendations a genuine joy.

Aurora’s ease of use combined with its incredible versatility makes it a likely candidate to replace your current podcast app. Those looking to dive deeper into the world of podcasts will find Aurora - Podcast Discovery on the app store available to download for free.