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If you’re like millions of iPhone users, you love a good podcast. Once a pretty niche industry, podcasts are quickly replacing audiobooks and music playlists as the default form of audio entertainment on the go. The way things are going in the podcasting world, your favorite author is as likely to have a podcast as your next-door neighbor is.

New Podcasts App Available in Apple's App Store

Many believed Apple would release their new standalone Podcasts app alongside iOS 6, but they have decided to release it today instead. The app is now available for download in the App Store for devices running iOS 5.1 or later. Apple promises that the new app will make discovering and subscribing to podcasts much easier. It does this with a great UI and by offering many features like the innovative new Top Stations option.

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Top Stations allows you to find new podcasts in a variety of topics like comedy, music or sports. The new app also features social networking sharing, in-app podcast management, and customizable playlists. You can browse by Audio or Video podcasts, and will have access to thousands of shows in over 40 languages. Read on for a complete list of features and requirements.

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