Blizzard reveals all 134 cards from 'Whispers of the Old Gods' expansion

Whispers of the Old Gods

Blizzard on Friday revealed all 134 cards from the upcoming "Whispers of the Old Gods" expansion for its collectible card game, Hearthstone. You can see all of the cards uploaded to the Hearthstone Facebook page, and see some of them in action during the live exhibition matches which were held on Thursday.

Blizzard also announced it is holding a contest for anyone planning a public launch party. If you're 18 or older and organizing a Whispers of the Old Gods event in a public space (café, restaurant, bar, meeting hall, etc.), then you can register it here for a chance to receive materials to make your launch party an even bigger "success."

Whispers of the Old Gods launch party

Whispers of the Old Gods will be available on April 26. It is the third expansion in the Hearthstone series. The expansion includes 134 old cards that have been influenced or warped by the mysterious powers of the Old Gods. The cards will be available next week through the in-game Shop for players who did not already pre-order the expansion. You can learn more about Whispers of the Old Gods at


Do people honestly think that you need more cards to get good at this game? There's NO WAY adding different cards is going to get you better, not to mention more and more scrubs are joining the game everyday, we should be smashing the scoreboards right? No that's not the case, Hearthstone is a difficult game as it is so why make it worse.

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