5 essential companion apps for summer reading

Summer reading apps iOS

Ah, the summertime. It means something different to nearly everyone, but book fans tend to refer to it as the absolute best time to sit outside, enjoy a drink and finally get caught up on your reading.

If you’re like many modern summer reading fans, then there is a good chance that your iOS device is a constant companion. Phones and tablets have surpassed the traditional physical book as the go-to source for reading material and, in general, offer a variety of conveniences and features designed to enhance your reading experience.

If you have just been downloading eBooks to read on your default reader application, you are missing out on a variety of amazing apps that will help make this your best summer reading session yet. Here are a few that no true eBook fan should be without.


If you’re like most book fans, you sometimes view your personal library with an equal mixture of dread and pride. As great as a huge collection of books can be, actually trying to keep up with everything book you own and where you may have left off when you last read them can get a bit cumbersome.

This is where iReadItNow comes in. It’s essentially a book database that lets you input every book you own and build a valuable information database about them. Not only can you keep track of such information as where you left off on a book and what you remember about it, but you can also use the built-in barcode scanner to keep track of books you wish to read.

This is quite simply one of the most intelligent apps ever designed to help you manage even the most daunting book collections.


Sometimes, the most difficult thing about being a book fan is trying to find what to read next. With so many great books available, how are you ever supposed to decide what goes to the top of your reading list?

Goodreads is one possible solution to this issue. This community-driven app analyzes your own preferences and the general recommendations of other users in order to help you answer that always difficult question “What should I read next?” It even comes with some light management functionality a pretty substantial review system.

Think of Goodreads as the ultimate book club where every member has the same taste in literature that you do.


There is no shortage of e-readers for iOS devices. In fact, there are so many that often times choosing one can be as difficult as choosing the next book to read.

Marvin makes that decision much more simple. It is widely regarded to be the very best e-reader app on the iOS market due largely to its incredible layout and rich feature set. Marvin allows you to not only build a truly smart digital collection that is easy to navigate, but can help you to organize your books by such specific details as word count.

Whether you opt for the free version or the premium model, Marvin really is the best e-reader on the market.


On the surface, eBookMobi looks like a normal e-reader. In fact, it’s a considerably simpler e-reader than Marvin and other popular options in terms of features.

Where eBookMobi really separates itself, however, is in its versatility. This is one of the only reading apps on the market that is specifically designed to allow you to import nearly every conceivable file type for digital books. This allows you to pursue the best book deals, regardless of the source and feel confident that you will be able to access it.

eBookMobi is a fantastic companion to your primary e-reader.


Every now and then you run into one of those apps that you immediately realize you need in your life. OverDrive is such an app.

What OverDrive does is give you access to your local library’s eBook collections. So long as you have an account with the library itself, you are able to access a rather sizeable collection of new titles to read for completely free. Even better, some locations even offer audiobook options as well as print titles.

Given that the app and books are free, there really is no reason not to download this app and see what’s available.