Apple TV gets expanded universal search content

Apple TV screenshot Siri

Universal search on the fourth-generation Apple TV continues to improve. The latest enhancement brings multiple new channels into the mix, providing an easy way to find content anywhere with a single question to Siri. Nine new channels are taking advantage of the feature, including History, Food Network, Travel Channel, Lifetime, and A&E.

Search results pop up on a dedicated page for each show, with a list of options where the content is currently available for purchase or free streaming. iTunes as well as third-party apps such as Hulu or network-specific apps are highlighted along with the episodes on offer. If one of these apps is not installed on the Apple TV, it can be quickly installed by selecting the relevant search results.

Universal search can be accessed from a text search field or by using Siri from anywhere within tvOS. The feature initially launched with HBO, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and Showtime support, and since then a variety of channels have been added to the index. Apple plans to add YouTube search capability to Siri in the next firmware update. tvOS 10 will launch in the fall alongside iOS 10.

The complete list of networks supported by universal search can be found at Apple.