Donate to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts via iTunes

Hurricane Matthew

Apple has opened up a donation page via its storefronts on iTunes, the App Store and As the company has done in the past, 100% of donations made using its payment systems will go directly to the American Red Cross. The donations made via iTunes will help boost Hurricane Matthew relief efforts by the organization, which is helping those affected by the storm. Matthew smacked the Caribbean and several US states, leaving hundreds dead and millions without power.

Apple has set up the iTunes donation page with buttons to instantly send $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200 by simply clicking a button. Donations are charged directly to the payment method on file with the signed in Apple ID. Of course, those looking to write off the donation on tax returns will need to keep the receipt. Apple also has made it clear that iTunes store credit cannot be used towards any donation.

Apple has set up similar donation pages in the past, for natural disasters including the Nepal earthquake, wildfires in Canada, and flooding in Louisiana. When it comes to Hurricane Matthew, the storm hit land right before the weekend. As a result of the storm thousands are displaced in emergency shelters in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Haiti took the brunt of the storm, with hundreds reported dead, damaged buildings and shortages of food and water across the island nation.

The American Red Cross does not receive any personal information from the transaction, only the funds. This means that the organization has no way to acknowledge a donation. iTunes will provide an email receipt and any donation will appear as an iTunes transaction on credit card statements. For those looking to help in any way they can, Apple has made it simple to contribute to families in need.