iPhone OS 3.0 to Launch Without MMS and Tethering Support from AT&T

During today's keynote address at WWDC 2009, Scott Forstall - head of Apple iPhone software development - gave the audience a detailed overview of many of the new features in OS 3.0, including copy & paste, shake-to-undo, spotlight searching, and more. Two of the "more" were the highly anticipated support for MMS (multimedia messaging) and tethering (the ability to share your iPhone wireless connection with your PC).

Though, when OS 3.0 becomes available, countless iPhone users across the world will be able to take advantage of these new features -- it seems, at least for the time being, that AT&T iPhone customers will not be among the lucky ones.

In his overview of iPhone 3.0, Forstall stated that "29 carriers will support MMS when we launch... ", later stating that "AT&T will be ready at the end of the summer." Considering how long AT&T has been aware of the MMS support pending in iPhone OS 3.0, customers will likely be furious at the delay in support from AT&T.

To make matters worse, Forstall's announcement about tethering seemingly implies no planned support for tethering by AT&T whatsoever. When reviewing the new support for tethering, Forstall indicated that 22 partners in 44 countries would be offering tethering on the iPhone -- with no mention of AT&T.



I AM SO FURIOUS WITH ATT!!!! I am on a family share plan as a secondary line with ATT and we have the unlimited family messaging, which one of their selling points is MMS. I have tried 3rd party apps, and also even became an iPhone app developer and got access to new OS 3.0, which has MMS enabled in the software. I even bought a Razr V3 to use MMS when I needed it through a sim switch, but its even disabled on the Razr until about 12-15 hours after the swap, then it finally starts working. THEY ARE BLOCKING WHAT I AM PAYING FOR!!!!! This should be illegal, why would they block iPhone user accounts? Even if ATT enabled MMS for iPhone accounts and it "bogs" down their network, like some speculate, then improve your network ATT, dont punish your users of your most popular phone, not to mention your money maker. MAKE THESE PEOPLE HAPPY!!!!! I wish there was a petition!

MMS is a dead product! It was made to be mini email for cell phones. Now that more and more cell phones support email. MMS has become obsolete and should go away. The only reason that phone companies support it is because they more more money off it then email and text messaging.


MMS is not dead. Friends, family members, and coworkers send me MMSs all the time. They can't believe I don't have the functionality.

It is unlikely that E-Mail will replace MMS anytime soon. Mainly because the vast majority of people can't send or receive e-mail on their mobile phones. Remember, not everyone has a smart phone.

Another "Issue" with AT&T

I just got a text from AT&T today (06/15/2009) stating that the new iPhone OS 3.0 will dissable my WiFi unless I purchase the data plan for my old iPhone 2G (original model). If I want to stay with the old OS, the WiFi will not work as well.???

It appears that AT&T does not want the iPhone to be used with WiFi in any format unless they sell you a data plan (I pay for the "Go Phone" plan without the data option, since I use my iPhone only as a second emergency line). My WiFi on the iPhone is connected to a WiFi HotSpot in my home and used as a iTouch (picking up radio stations throughout the country, like a Sirrius Radio).


When I heard the news about MMS coming to the iPhone I was stoked!! Then I read that AT&T won't support it till later this summer, I went into rage!!! AT&T sucks!!! I can't wait till my contract is up, I'm switching to someone who cares about making their costumers happy, like Sprint or Verizon!!

I totally agree with you about it sucking that they arent allowing us mms until the end of summer. I am really mad about that, but trust me verizon sucks even more. They dont care if you are a customer or not, limit everything you can do, and charge you for each and every thing. I wish verizon would go out of business personally. I switched to att from verizon and could not be any happier about it. Sprint was ok but they had a bunch of network downtimes that I couldnt stand so I left there for att. But sprints customer service was good over the telephone. The guy in the local store was a prick and I think I got him fired lol