Report: Apple AirPods to ship on November 30

AirPods November 30

Apple has yet to officially announce the AirPods release date. Originally slated for launch in late October, this time frame came and went as Apple continued work on the product. Now an Apple retailer located in France has begun taking pre-orders with a shipping date of November 30.

Rumors have been floated that AirPods could be delayed until after the holiday season, however AppleInsider sources say there's "no way" that AirPods would be released in January. Apparently, Apple retail stores already have demo units in stock and are waiting for the all clear to show them off to the general public.

Other retailers have pointed to an AirPods launch before Black Friday, however this would mean the wireless headphones would have to hit shelves within a week. Other pre-order sites have indicated the release date could fall within the month of December. Several media outlets have already received a pair for review, and overall the early reviews have been positive.

Apple representatives have stated that the response to AirPods has been "incredible" and that the company needs "a little more time" before the headphones are completely ready for customers to enjoy. AirPods are high-tech versions of the EarPods that ship with every iPhone. They include beam forming microphones, infrared sensors to detect when they are in use, and accelerometers to interpret gestures.

AirPods contain Apple's proprietary W1 chip which uses Bluetooth and easily pairs with compatible Apple devices. Switching between devices, such as an Apple Watch, Mac or iPhone is designed to be a completely effortless and seamless experience. When AirPods do hit the market, the going price will be $159.