AirPods have arrived, shipping in January

Apple AirPods 2016

Hot on the heels of Monday's iOS 10.2 release, Apple is offering AirPods for sale. While the wireless headphones were originally scheduled for launch in late October, Apple delayed until they were completely ready for customers to enjoy. Delivery for the initial batch was set for December 21st, however since this morning ship times have slipped to 4 weeks. This means that for anyone currently ordering AirPods they will arrive during the second week of January.

Rumors were circulating that AirPods could be delayed until after the holiday season, however it seems Apple will manage to get some units into customer's hands just in time. One retailer located in France was offering pre-orders with a shipping date of November 30th. Apparently this was a rogue offer.

Several media outlets have already received AirPods to review, and the early consensus is positive. Apple hopes to continue building a wireless world with AirPods showing the way. The headphones feature Apple's proprietary W1 chip, which uses Bluetooth and easily pairs with compatible devices from the company. AirPods switch automatically between devices, including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Pairing AirPods is designed to be a completely effortless process with the help of iCloud. Thanks to sensors and accelerometers, AirPods respond to touch and know when the user is speaking or listening. The headphones come with a case that provides several full charges to the AirPods while on the go.

AirPods can be found on the Apple Store online for $159 with free shipping. It's likely that AirPods will only be available in limited quantities at Apple retail locations, however stores should have demonstration units on hand.