iOS App of the Week: Letterboxd - The social network for film lovers


Movie fans love to brag about all the movies they have seen, and they are never shy about sharing their opinions. This is why Letterboxd is the perfect social app for movie lovers. Letterboxd allows users to log, rate, review and comment on any movie in its database. Users can also interact with other users, browse popular films, view film information, create, edit and comment on lists, and more.

The Letterboxd database includes almost every movie ever made. I say "almost" because it did not have Private Valentine starring Jessica Simpson as an option. Besides this one Simpson classic, the app has had every lesser known and obscure movie I have thrown at it. This includes the newly released, Hurricane Bianca, to the classic made for TV disaster film, The Day After, and lots of obscure horror and cult films. The app even lists all upcoming movies scheduled to be released this year, next year and beyond.

Letterboxd is enjoyable because it is not as cluttered as IMDB. Each film listing features the original poster/cover art, cast and crew, a link to the trailer, the overall community ratings, and a list of where you can watch each film. The where to watch section needs some work since it only lists Amazon and iTunes. It would be nice if you could use the app to find local theater times, and it desperately needs Netflix and Red Box listings.

The social aspect of Letterboxd allows you to follow your friends, read other user reviews, view public lists and leave comments. The app also includes Twitter and Facebook integration and 1Password support.

Letterboxd isn't perfect but it is a fun way to interact with other movie lovers. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store, or you can join by visiting