iOS App of the Week: Candleman


Candleman stars a sentient candle who can only burn for ten seconds per level in the newest puzzle game from Fantastic Games. Developed by Spotlightor Interactive, in the game you play as a candle who is on a journey of self discovery. The goal is to find and light all the candles on a level before your run out of wax. This is easier said than done as you only have ten seconds of light to navigate dark corridors with many pitfalls.

Candleman is part puzzle, part resource management, part platformer, and part memory. You have to use your instincts to find your way through different obstacles while trying not to waste your limited wax in low light situations. This takes a bit of problem solving and trial and error so you don't walk off edges or fall down holes you can't see.

Unfortunately, like most platformers the controls suffer on mobile. You slide and hold to move, swipe up to jump, and hold down to light your wick. Sometimes when trying to complete a difficult or timed jump you will accidentally light your candle. This is an issue in a game where wax is absolutely precious. Making running jumps can also be awkward and frustrating in this game. The controls aren't the worst I used on mobile, but I just imagine they're much better on the PlayStation or Steam.

Candleman is an interesting puzzle game with a different spin on several genres in gaming. It is recommended to fans of platformers and spooky puzzle games. It is available on the App Store for $2.99 for a limited time.