Review: AluCharge multi-port USB charger


Apple goes through great lengths to make all its products sleek, light and as thin as possible. This is why it makes no sense when third-party manufacturers create bulky iPhone accessories. The AluCharge multi-port USB charger from Just Mobile not only charges up to 4 devices at once, but it nicely compliments the design of all Apple's iOS devices.

The AluCharge is only 0.72 inches thin, and it weighs around 6 ounces making it perfect for travel or charging multiple devices at home. It delivers 31 Watt 6.2A total output at 2.4A max per port. It also includes all the important circuity protections, such as over voltage, current and so on.

The AluCharge is a small silver aluminum box with 4 USB ports that promises to deliver the right amount of charge to any attached device. I've personally tested it with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus and even a vape pen using a microUSB to USB adapter. Just Mobile lists it as compatible with Android devices, tablets and the iPod touch.

The only downfall of the AluCharge is the large standard power cord attached to the back. While some users may find this as a plus since it gives you lots of length to connect to a power source, it kind if kills the minimalist design. However, this is more of a personal preference since the charger was mostly used in my small office, and you can attach a smaller cord if you own one.

The AluCharge is small enough to fit in crowded spaces like a kitchen counter or tiny foyers, but it also big enough that it is not easy to lose like Apple's standard charger. It does not ship with any USB cords, meaning you will need your own Apple USB to Lightning cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to one of the four ports.

The AluCharge is an affordable solution for large families who are always fighting over who is next in line to charge their device, or anyone who owns any number of multiple devices that can charge via USB. It also looks nice sitting on your desk, and it is good a way for bars or offices to offer employees or customers a way to charge multiple smartphones or tablets at once.

You can purchase the AluCharge directly from Just Mobile's website or