Leaked molds show iPhone 8, iPhone 7s sizing

iPhone 8 mold

Apple is expected to reveal the special-edition iPhone 8 alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus this fall. More photos have leaked, this time of three metal molds, which can be used by third-party accessory manufacturers. It's clear from the images that each iPhone will require a different case, since the iPhone 8 is slightly larger than the iPhone 7s, and smaller than the 7s Plus.

The iPhone 8 mold matches the recent mockup photos confirming a stainless steel chassis and vertically oriented dual camera. @VenyaGeskin1 not only posted the photos, but commented it's "100% confirmed the Touch ID will not be placed on the back" of the iPhone 8. Instead, a larger power button revealed on the mold has some speculating that Touch ID could be integrated directly into this button on the side of the device.

iPhone 8 mold side

In any case, Apple looks to be abandoning the home button by making the front of the iPhone 8 an unbroken sheet of glass. Wireless charging will almost certainly make its iPhone debut, as the back of the iPhone 8 is also glass. This sandwich design is similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S. This fall, Apple's flagship smartphone, also known as the iPhone Edition or iPhone X, is said to include facial recognition and an OLED display.

Even though the iPhone 8 is only slightly larger than the iPhone 7s, the OLED screen will cover more real estate thanks to thinner bezels and an edge-to-edge design. Not only this, but picture quality and battery life should be improved compared to the LED backlit LCD technology used in current iPhones. The iPhone 8 will feature other internal upgrades, such as the next generation A11 processor and improved waterproofing.