New emojis announced: Zombies, Colbert and more

Unicode 10.0

The Unicode Consortium today has released 56 new emoji characters to be added to Apple, Google or Microsoft devices. The new emojis include Vampire, Zombie, T-Rex and Face With Raised Eyebrow, which is also known as the "Stephen Colbert."

"Unicode 10.0 adds 8,518 characters, for a total of 136,690 characters," according to the Unicode blog. "These additions include 4 new scripts, for a total of 139 scripts, as well as 56 new emoji characters."

Other notable additions include Bitcoin sign, Woman With Headscarf, Elf, Breast-Feeding and Face Vomiting.

The new emojis should make their way to iOS devices later this year. Apple will most likely add them in a minor iOS 11 update, such as iOS 11.1.

iOS 11.0 is expected to be released in September when Apple official announces the iPhone 8.

Apple's last emoji update came in iOS 10.2. The company redesigned the look of some older characters and added over 100 new emojis to its emoji keyboard.

You can see a complete list of Unicode 10.0 emoji here.