New emoji coming with iOS 11.1 update

Apple emoji iOS 11.1

Apple has shown off its latest emoji designs in a Newsroom post. Hundreds of emoji will be added to the iPhone and iPad when the iOS 11.1 update rolls out to users. The additions reflect characters that have already been approved in Unicode 10.

Apple previously announced a variety of new emoji on World Emoji Day, including smiley faces such as Bearded Person, Person Climbing, Coconut, Breastfeeding, Woman with Headscarf, and Zebra. The entire collection will be included in iOS 11.1, with featured characters like Zombie, Vampire, T-Rex, Bitcoin, Face Vomiting and Love-You Gesture, which is modeled after the "I love you" hand sign in American Sign Language.

Mythical creatures, different food types, clothing options, and even yoga-inspired Person in Lotus Position will make their appearance in the iOS 11.1 developer and public beta versions, slated for release next week. The complete array of new emoji can be downloaded and previewed on Apple's website.

Ever since Apple made emoji keyboard support universal in iOS 6, the company has been adding characters. Two years ago, iOS 8.3 brought hundreds of new emoji to the table. It's difficult to remember that five years ago only iPhone users in Japan had access to emoji without using a special app.