What is the password for the army bunker(s) in Last Day on Earth?

Army Bunker Alpha

Final Update: Last Day On Earth has been updated to Version 1.5. The update adds the lower level to Bunker Alfa. After updating the game you will receive the passcode to the lower level via the CB Radio. Each passcode is allegedly different per player.

Update (07/25/17): Bunker codes are coming in a future update this week. See video at the bottom of this post. You can also read more about the bunkers and assembling the chopper here.

Update: According to some users the codes are different for each player. You need to find a flash drive and make an electronics lab to get your personal code. Still pending verification...

We're going to need help from the mobile gaming community for this one. There are several army bunkers in the post-apocalyptic game Last Day on Earth. You can access these bunkers by finding ID cards in boxes or on fallen enemies. However, the ID cards only get you through the front door. Each bunker has an additional door that requires an numeric passcode to enter. Please let us know in the comments below if you have discovered how to obtain the passcodes. Bonus points for those who include a list of items discovered behind each door.


The passcodes are given by the CB Radio. After you build it you can "turn it on". It will tell you the passcode for a bunker. After you open the lower level with that code it will be open for several hours. After that the CB Radio will give you a new passcode.

What I found:
First a hall with 2 zombies. Then a door to a chamber with another door. This door leads to a hall covered in blood and zombie arms coming out of the wall.
At the end of this hall there is a door. When you go through this door there are a lot of zombie. I think it were 6 of them. After slaying them there is bigger chamber. You will find floater bloaters (4) there and another kind of big zombie. I don't get passed them yet. There are multiple doors in this chamber, but I can't open them because I get killed by these big zombies.

Thank you! I thought passcode is in USB. :)

Bunker code for today please? Alpha?