Review: dodocool mini wireless speaker

dodocool mini wireless speaker

There isn't much to say about the dodocool mini wireless speaker because there isn't much to it, but it does pack in a lot of features for such a tiny device. The DA84 is a small pill shaped speaker that can also function as a wireless selfie shutter for your iPhone or iPad. It offers up to 33-feet of wireless range, a promised 4-hours battery life and a 3W speaker driver.

The speaker connects to almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, including most iPhone or iPad models. It is easy to connect, just press the mutli-functional button on the bottom until you see the blue flashing light. You can then navigate to Control Center on your iOS device and activate the Bluetooth settings. In iOS 11 or later perform a long press on the Music control and tap the Bluetooth icon to access your list of Bluetooth connected devices.

All the features of the speaker work as promised. You can receive calls through your speaker, and use it as a shutter for taking photos. To take a photo make sure you have checked the DA84 option in your Bluetooth settings, then open your Camera app and tap the mutli-functional button to snap a selfie.

The sound quality is a good as one can expect from a 3 ounce speaker. I personally like the mini dodocool speaker because it is easy to carry from room-to-room, can fit anywhere or you can easily pop it in your pocket to take on the road. It also comes with a carrying cord and a micro USB that can connect to your standard iPhone charger.

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