DIY iPhone 7 repair with Fix Kits

iFixit Fix Kit iPhone 7 battery

Anyone interested in repairing an iPhone has probably heard of the extensive DIY resources available at iFixit. Now the same site that offers a multitude of tutorial videos, repair guides and device teardowns offers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Fix Kits. Fix Kits are packages which include all of the needed tools and parts for a specific repair.

For example, battery Fix Kits contain iPhone opening tools, special tweezers and a custom driver with steel bits. Right next to the tools is a brand new replacement battery with a one-year warranty from iFixit. Once you have the right Fix Kit, there are step-by-step repair guides showing exactly how to perform each repair with the tools provided.

In addition to batteries, iFixit offers Fix Kits for screen replacement, Lightning connector repairs, front and rear cameras and various other components for recent model iPhones. While Fix Kits may be more expensive than purchasing some parts and tools individually, they are a one-stop shopping solution for quick DIY repairs.

iFixit is known for its teardowns of new iPhones and other devices shortly after they are released. The site boasts over 29,600 free repair manuals covering almost 9,000 different devices.