Halloween App of the Week: Aftermath (Zombie shooter)


The well-reviewed dual-stick shooter Aftermath may take place during a zombie apocalypse, but it will not fall to the 32-bit iOS 11 Appocalypse. The game's developer TwoHeads Games rolled out a timely compatibility update allowing it to survive a few more years on 64-bit devices.

Apple stopped supporting 32-bit devices with the release of iOS 11. Games not updated will no longer work on newer devices running Apple's latest OS, but Aftermath will not be one of those casualties. TwoGames has supported its zombie title long after its original release in 2010, and the developer continues to do so making it compatible with newer devices, like the iPhone 8 , iPhone X and Apple's iPad Pro models.

Aftermath is atmospheric top-down zombie shooter where you must fight through a zombie horde filled with nasty Spewers and Screamers. The goal of the game is simple, survive the night by blasting as many of the undead as possible. You do this by using two thumb pads to control your character through the deep city maps. The left pad controls your movement, while the right allows you to spin around. Your weapon fires automatically whenever you point your flashlight at a zombie. This gives the game its unique feel that has been praised by several gaming websites, like TouchArcade.

Aftermath includes 3D audio, advanced real-time lighting, a story-mode, survival mode and Retina graphics. Version 1.6.3 with 64-bit support is available for $2.99 on the Apple App Store.

Check out the original trailer below.