Halloween App(s) of the Week: Bloody Mary and more

Bloody Mary: The Hudson House

The App Store this week has gotten a little more spooky for October. Tons of apps have not only been updated with Halloween content, but several new horror themed apps have landed on the App Store for iOS devices. Here are 5 apps to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Bloody Mary: The Hudson House (Free) Text-based, choose your own adventure games are making a comeback on mobile devices. Bloody Mary is a scary immersive experience with cool artwork, riveting music and a bloody story that promises to "keep you on the edge of your seat." Follow the text and choose your fate as you try to escape the Hudson House before it's too late.

Decap Attack Classic (Free) The 1991 platformer comes to iOS as part of SEGA's Forever series. In Decap Attack you play as Chuck D. Head, a headless mummy, who must defeat Max D. Cap, a demon from the underworld. Fling your detachable head at your enemies to save the world. Perfect for Halloween, Decap Attack features werewolves, a skeleton shaped island and other scary creatures.

Haunted House TD (Free) Defend your Halloween candy from other kids by using a variety of spooky tools to scare them away.

Night of the Full Moon ($1.99) This premium trading card game includes a story based on Little Red Riding Hood and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Defeat a variety of monsters to reveal the entire story with different endings based on your choices. Game includes over 300 cards, 72 opponents, and randomly generated events for unique gameplay.

Pumpkinman - Spooky Survival (Free) Dash from side to side as Pumpkinman to avoid falling hazards while collecting delicious candy and smashing spooky skeletons.