Apple updates its comprehensive 'Privacy' website

Apple Watch privacy

Apple has detailed its privacy policies and technology on the web for some time. Now the company offers a redesigned Privacy website, bringing updated information to consumers alongside the release of iOS 11 and the iPhone X. The site introduction declares that "privacy is a fundamental human right" and continues on, explaining how Apple products are designed to protect privacy and security.

The Privacy site is organized into several areas, including the official legal Privacy Policy document. Along these lines, Transparency Report offers commonly asked questions and answers regarding how Apple responds to government, private party, and law enforcement requests for customer data. Transparency reports dating back to 2013 are also available.

Apple device users will find Manage Your Privacy full of tutorials, tips and how-to information on security. Three sections go into detail: Secure your devices, Secure your Apple ID, and Be aware of what you're sharing. Everything from managing location data to securing your Apple ID is covered.

The area titled Our approach to privacy explains how each product such as Apple Pay, FaceTime or iCloud protects user privacy. Developer tools including HomeKit and HealthKit are also listed and explained. Apple has also published a detailed Face ID security white paper, illuminating one of the flagship features on the iPhone X.

With Differential Privacy, 256-bit encryption, Secure Enclaves, and other terms bouncing around with the latest Apple technology, the updated Privacy website helps answer any lingering questions.