Pathfinder Duels is a new collectible card game based on the D&D spinoff

Pathfinder Duels

Pathfinder Duels is another officially licensed mobile title based on the popular physical RPG, Pathfinder, from Paizo Publishing. Pathfinder Adventures is the actual digital adaptation of Pazio's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, while Pathfinder Duels is a collectible card game "inspired" by the Pathfinder Universe.

Pathfinder Duels aims to separate itself from the other many CCG titles available on the App Store by featuring simultaneous turn-taking. Instead of offering a turn-based style where each player has a turn to play their cards, players in Pathfinder Duels choose their cards simultaneously then watch the action unfold. This eliminates the need for any waiting which may turn some people off from most CCG.

In Pathfinder Duels, players can collect legendary iconic heroes from the Pathfinder universe, and upgrade them by equipping various gear obtained by playing the game. Players can also summon dragons to fight on their side and trade valuable materials to craft more powerful cards.

Pathfinder Duels is available for free on the Apple App Store.

Pathfinder by Paizo is an expansion of the popular RPG Dungeons & Dragons. A physical card-game based on the RPG was released in 2013, and the digital version was released to the App Store in 2016.

Pathfinder Adventures is also available for free.