How do I adjust the settings on my HomePod?

The person who set up the HomePod can access the settings on their iOS device through the Home app. If you do not have the Home app installed on your device you can download it from the Apple App Store.

To change the settings on your HomePod open the Home app and touch and hold the HomePod you want to adjust, then tap Details. From here you can:

  • Change Siri’s voice
  • Change the Apple Music account connected to the HomePod
  • Turn on Sound Check to adjust for different songs
  • Block music with explicit content
  • Disable Use Listening History

You can also turn automatic software updates on or off, allow access to Messages, Reminders, and Notes and allow others to access your HomePod in the Home app. Just tap the arrow icon in the Home app to access these features on your HomePod.