Should I get AppleCare+ for my HomePod?


Apple's HomePod has arrived in homes around the country. Inevitably, these devices will be dropped, spilled on and otherwise damaged in accidents and mishaps. What's the best way to protect your HomePod? Repairs can be expensive, so owners may want to review AppleCare+ coverage for HomePod. Apple offers the plan directly, which can be purchased within 60 days of buying a HomePod.

What does AppleCare+ for HomePod cost?

Purchasing AppleCare+ for HomePod costs $39. For this price, HomePod owners enjoy a two-year extended warranty, two years of 24/7 technical and software support, and accidental damage protection.

What does AppleCare+ for HomePod cover?

Two incidents of accidental damage can be repaired for $39 each during the AppleCare+ period. This is great insurance against a ruined HomePod, especially considering that out-of-warranty repairs cost $279. Considering that a new HomePod runs $349, anyone concerned about their HomePod could save a good deal of money should the unthinkable happen.

Anyone needing AirPlay 2 support or help with the Home app can also make use of Apple phone and online support during the two-year warranty period. Devices without AppleCare+ get only 90 days of support, as well as one year of limited warranty against defects.

Is AppleCare+ worth the price?

If your HomePod travels often, or lives in a home with pets and children, AppleCare+ could be a good insurance policy for $39. One accidental damage repair at a total cost of $78 saves $201 over an out-of-warranty repair. Get the HomePod fixed twice, and you're ahead $441. Evaluate your particular circumstances, and decide if the initial $39 expense is worth it for additional peace of mind.