It has been a bad season for baseball games on the App Store

This week I was going to do the "best" 2018 baseball games on the App Store, but a few of the popular, officially MLB licensed titles turned out to be disapointments this year. R.B.I. Baseball 18 currently has an App Store rating of 2.6. This is even after the game was updated to fix some of the biggest issues. You can click the link above to read all the reasons why customers dislike the game so much.

Hint: There's a lot.

R.B.I. Baseball 18 is available for $6.99 on the App Store, but you may want to wait until they release another update before purchasing.

Another title receiving lukewarm reviews on the App Store is MLB Manager 2018. Regular users of this simulation app seem disappointed that the game hasn't received any new features. The 2018 version is just a roster update, according to most of the user reviews. If you enjoyed the previous versions of MLB Manager, then you may not be disappointed with the 2018 version, but just don't expect any major updates.

For those who are just happy with a roster refresh MLB Manager 2018 is availble for $4.99 on the App Store.

MLB Perfect Inning 2018 has fared a lot better with a current user rating of 4.1, but since we're looking at negatives, the game has been criticized by some users for its pay-to-win design and IAPs.

MLB Perfect Inning 2018 is available for free.

One franchise that seems to have avoided the 2018 curse is MLB 9 Innings. Baseball fans seem generally happy with the game's new features, like the Live Player System for faster updated rosters. The game has also retained its simple but addicting gameplay, and it is officially licensed by the MLB and MLBPA with full rosters and all 30 MLB ballparks. Other notable features include different modes including League and Ranked Battle, one-handed mode for playing on your smartphone, 3D graphics and more.

MLB 9 Innings 18 is available for free.

The game with the highest user rating I could find was MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018. However, freemium games are hard to judge based on user reviews alone. They typically score higher because some mobile users are just happy to have a free game to play. With that said, a rating of 4.7 is pretty impressive even for a freemium title.

Unfortunately disappointed R.B.I. Baseball 18 and MLB Manager 2018 fans probably will not want to download MLB Tap Sports 2018. It's full of IAPs, features ads and is a different type of game. But for those who do want to give it a spin, it is