iOS App of the Week: The Creeps 2 and more

Cartoon Craft

It was a rough week for App of the Week. I could not find a standout app or game to award the prestigious honor of being called the best app of the week by I had intended to originally review Cartoon Craft, but there is a bug that will not let me finish the tutorial. This looked like it had potential to be a fun RTS/building title, but as of right now I cannot play the game.

I then moved on to The Creeps! 2. The original was one of the first TD games I ever played on my iPhone. It's a pretty basic tower defense title, and so is its sequel. Creeps 2 has 40 levels, AR support, and a new goal system. It is not a bad game, but I quickly realized there's not much to write about it. You use toys to blast creeps, and that's basically it. The little I did play of Creeps 2 was fun, and I'm sure fans of the original will agree... But if the developer couldn't even come with more than 3 sentences to describe their own game, what am I going to say about it?

Dead Chronicles is a "retro action pixel adventure" where you walk around bashing zombies in the head with a bat. You can eventually upgrade everything including your character and weapons to range weapons such as pistols, shotguns and rifles. There are 13 chapters over 3 stages, achievements and a Survival mode. I typically dislike onscreen controls, but the controls in Dead Chronicles are surprisingly easy to use. Dead Chronicles is another decent free title, but once again I don't have much to say about it.

Other notable titles released to the App Store this week include In The Dog House -- a puzzle game with dogs from Nitrome the developer of Leap Day and other popular titles. The platformer Gleam of Fire has also been trending on mobile gaming forums.