iOS App of the Week: SSC 2018

SSC 2018

Uprising Games has dropped SSC 2018 smack in the middle of World Cup fever. If you can't get enough football on your TV then you may want to check out this retro arcade title on your mobile device. SSC 2018 is an homage to the popular computer games such as Sensi Soccer and Kick-Off. Sensi was known for its zoomed-out bird's-eye view, and SSC 2018 follows suit offering a top-down look of all its on field action.

The game features two buttons with an on-screen joystick to control all your basic soccer maneuvers such as passing and shooting on offense, and different tackles on defense. The joystick not only controls your character, but it can also control the angle of your shot and passes. The game includes a tutorial to help you master the controls before you jump into any game scenarios.

There is a friendly match option, but real soccer fans will want to delve into SSC Manager mode. The manager mode allows you to run your own soccer club working your way up from lower-level manager through the soccer world ranks. You can train players with mini games, and scout and transfer different talent to improve your team.

SSC 2018 features over 600 teams, 35 Divisions from 25 Countries, MFi support and local multiplayer. It is available for free on the Apple App Store.