iOS App of the Week: Tunity


Every so often an app comes along that actually solves a problem, and you remember why you used to love the App Store. Tunity is one of those apps. It may not be for everyone, but if you like to watch sports at bars, or watch TV while working out at the gym, then you'll want to keep reading.

Tunity allows you to hear any muted television on your iPhone. You just open the app, scan the TV with your phone, and the Tunity app will stream the audio to your device. The app even works with wireless Bluetooth headphones including Apple's AirPods.

There's actually a lot of uses for this technology. It's perfect for March Madness or NFL Sunday when bars have multiple games playing at once. You can use it in waiting areas at airports, hospitals, or at restaurants, and it also works for shared spaces like dorms. The hearing impaired can use it to listen at a different volume then everyone else.

Tunity only works with live TV and requires an internet or cellular connection. The app uses GPS to sync your audio, but you can adjust it manually if it is off. You will need to choose the "Always" Location Services option for the app to work.

Tunity is available for free on the App Store. You can learn more via the FAQ section on the official website.