AirPower confirmed by iPhone XS packaging

iPhone XS quick start guide

Apple said that AirPower would arrive in 2018. While the clock may be ticking, there are still a few months for the company to deliver. AirPower promises to allow multiple Apple devices to charge at the same time on a single wireless charging mat. For anyone doubting that AirPower is on the way, a look at iPhone XS packaging may change the situation.

Pre-orders of the iPhone XS have already arrived at many households. Thanks to Gavin Stephens on Twitter, those not receiving an iPhone XS in the mail were able to see photos of the iPhone XS user guide. The key section under the heading titled "Charging" includes this text:

Place iPhone with screen facing up on AirPower or a Qi-certified wireless charger. You can also use the Lightning connector to charge iPhone and connect accessories.

It's clear that Apple may have expected iPhone users to have access to AirPower at the iPhone XS launch. But more importantly, the fact that AirPower was not removed from the paper instructions means the charging device is still in the works.

According to reports, Apple engineers have been struggling with overheating and interference issues with the current design. AirPower is unique in that users can place their iPhone, AirPods, and/or Apple Watch anywhere on the charging pad. The modified Qi wireless charger also makes it possible for multiple devices to communicate with each other and deliver information about their charge status.

Time will tell when AirPower hits the shelves. With the holiday season approaching fast, we can be sure that Apple engineers are working overtime to make it happen.