Apple to sell clear case for iPhone XR

iPhone XR Apple clear case

Apple already sells official cases for the iPhone XS and XS Plus. Much like other Apple-designed cases, these come in silicone and leather varieties. The iPhone XR launch is only two weeks away, and some Apple fans were wondering if the company would offer a special case for the mid-sized handset. As it turns out, Apple will sell its first-ever clear iPhone case to show off the colorful iPhone XR body.

The iPhone XR comes in six different flavors: black, blue, coral, red, white and yellow. Much like the iPhone 5c with its plastic back, vibrant color is one of the features that sets the iPhone XR apart from the rest. Unlike Apple's previous experiment with color, the iPhone XR body is made from glass and aluminum. The colored glass back allows for wireless charging, and the aluminum bands are anodized to match.

Press materials from countries outside the US mentioned the case, such as in Canada. The iPhone XR case has not appeared on promotional materials in the US, but it's expected to sell for around $40 after the iPhone XR hits the market. The iPhone XR can be preordered next week, with the device shipping on October 26.

Apple's clear plastic case for the iPhone XR features an open bottom, so that the bottom of the Liquid Retina display is not obscured. With the home button gone, swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone has become more important after unlocking with Face ID. Apple will probably sell additional kinds of cases for the iPhone XR, but the clear plastic case may be the only one that shows off the full color back of the device. Cases in Apple's official lineup range in price from $40 to $130.