Apple releases 2018 holiday ad campaign featuring Billie Eilish

Apple has released five new videos for the upcoming holiday season. The first video titled, "Share Your Gifts" is a fully animated ad featuring the song “Come Out and Play” by Billie Eilish. The sixteen-year-old artist wrote the song with her brother Finneas O’Connell for the apple campaign. Apple's YouTube page also includes a behind the scenes look at "Share Your Gifts" and three "How I Create" videos showing the creative process behind the holiday advert.

"Share Your Gifts" was shot using practical effects and computer animation giving it a Pixar-like style. The story follows a girl who is reluctant to share her art with others, until her dog helps her overcome her fear.

The other videos are typical Apple ads showcasing how the music and editing was done using Apple products. All the videos include Mac products including an animated MacBook in “Share Your Gifts.”

Last week, Apple released its 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. The page titled ”Together for the holidays” features all of Apple’s latest products and accessories including the iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4, HomePod and more.

All featured items in the gift guide include free shipping and an extended period of return.