iOS App of the Week: Venmo

Venmo Icon

Venmo is a money transfering app that allows users to send funds to others via a mobile device. It is a great way to transfer money person to person when you do not have cash. Venmo can be used to split the dinner bill, or for sending your roommate money for bills and more. It is also a great payment service for vendors who are not setup to accept credit cards.

Those looking for a way to escape PayPal should be warned that Venmo was purchased by the online transferring service for $800 million in 2013. While the two services share a lot of the same features, many will claim that Venmo is faster and easier to use than PayPal. Venmo users also seem to like the social aspect of the app where you can follow friends and even see their public transactions. Both services are basically free, charging only for only credit and debit transfers. Venmo also has a $3,000 transfer limit, compared to PayPay which lets users send up to $10,000.

The Venmo app is very easy to navigate. Users can search for other users by name, user name or scan their assigned QR code. Payments or payment requests can be made with the simple tap of a few buttons. Users can include a brief note and attach an emoji or even their personal Bitmoji. Venmo then keeps a record of all transactions.

Venmo Payment and Request

Venmo is one of the more popular digital wallet options making it a must have on your iPhone. All you need is a bank account or credit card to connect to your Venmo account. The app is free to download from the App Store. As mentioned above, most transactions are free. You can see a list of fees here.