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iOS App of the Week: Venmo

Venmo Icon

Venmo is a money transfering app that allows users to send funds to others via a mobile device. It is a great way to transfer money person to person when you do not have cash. Venmo can be used to split the dinner bill, or for sending your roommate money for bills and more. It is also a great payment service for vendors who are not setup to accept credit cards.

How to subscribe to a free month of Apple News Plus on iPhone

How to subscribe to Apple News Plus on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's recently announced News+ service gives subscribers access to over 300 magazines and several newspapers including popular titles such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Popular Science and The Wall Street Journal to name a few - for $9.99 per month. Depending on how many magazines you currently subscribe to à la carte, this could be a very deep discount.

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