How to share iCloud Drive folders on iPhone

Share iCloud Drive folders

iCloud Drive makes it possible to share folders across Apple devices and between different users. Sharing a folder on the iPhone or iPad requires iOS 13 or later. iCloud Drive folders stored in the Files app on an iOS device can easily be shared with a few taps.

Multiple folders can be shared, and folders can be shared with more than one other person. Invitees to share a folder are granted permission to make changes to the folder by default, which can be customized.

To share a folder on iCloud Drive, follow these steps on the iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Files app
  2. Tap the Browse tab at the bottom
  3. Choose iCloud Drive
  4. Share iCloud Drive folders
  5. Long press on the folder to share
  6. Share iCloud Drive folders 2
  7. Choose Share from the shortcut menu
  8. Tap the method to share from the Share Sheet
  9. Specify who can make changes (folder permissions) under Share Options
  10. Swipe up on the Share Sheet and tap Add People to share the folder with several people