3 games like Life of Black Tiger for iOS

Life of Black Tiger

In case you haven't heard, Life Of Black Tiger is the new Flappy Bird. Made popular by the Angry Video Game Nerd and Gilbert Gottfried, Life of the Black Tiger is so bad that it is good. Described as an "action" game, Black Tiger follows a tiger who was abandoned by his family and must survive on his own. The black tiger is bitter and hellbent on terrorizing his furry neighbors, such as innocent bunnies, giraffes and human villagers.

Life Of Black Tiger was originally released to iOS and Android before being ported to the PlayStation 4. The game is still available on the Apple App Store, but it hasn't been updated since 2014. You need to be running iOS 5.0 to play it on an iOS device. This means most people won't be able to play the game unless they are willing to drop $10 for the PlayStation version. While Life Of Black Tiger looks like it could be a lot of fun, you probably don't want to waste the money.

Here are 3 free games like Life of Black Tiger available on the Apple App Store:

Black Panther Simulator - Wild Animals Survival 3D

Black Panther
In Black Tiger, you must complete a variety of tasks like hunting and killing other animals, but you can only do things at a crawl. On the PS4 the controls are backwards, and the tiger moves at a snail's pace, making the game a test of your patience instead of gaming skill. Black Panther is basically the same game without the gripping story of Black Tiger. In the Black Panther, you play as a panther who slowly plods around killing other animals (including giant ants for some reason). There is a run button but it is attached to a meter that you drain every time you use it. You can slash, bite and roar at other animals while trying to gain experience points. The end of each mission includes a giant-sized animal, like a fox, that you must fight it a ring of fire.
Black Panther Death Screen

Black Panther is like playing all the bad parts of Life of Black Tiger without the narrative. The charm of Black Tiger is the story. You kill, get married, have a baby then fight the humans for control of the jungle. It's probably more entertaining to watch the Angry Video Game Nerd and Gilbert Gottfried take you through Black Tiger than actually playing it yourself, but I'm not going to keep warning you not to waste your time.

Life of Deer

Life of Deer

Although you don't play as an apex predator, Life of Deer is probably the closest thing you'll find to Black Tiger on the App Store. That's probably because it is from the same developer, 1Games. Life of Deer features a story and same broken english that gives Black Tiger its charm, however, the deer actually moves a lot faster. You can run and hop around fields with your mother as you try to complete various heart pounding missions like "find dad."

Life of Deer Intro

Life of Deer is not as ad heavy as Black Panther. It would be a relaxing game, if it didn't have awful sound effects like screaming deers. You kind of just wander around until the mission ends then you move on to the next. I'm not sure if there is actually any action because I didn't make it that far, but you do have a kick (I think) and hop button.


Wolves of the Forest

Wolves of the Forest

This is more of an RPG than the other titles. You are a wolf who is trying to establish his pack. You run around eating, bumping into logs and marking your territory. This game is a little more complex, requiring you to keep an eye on your hunger and thirst meter as you try to complete tasks. You can also customize your own wolf family, train wolf cubs and for some unknown reason there are fairies too.

These are 3 games you can download for free so you don't waste money on Life of Black Tiger. If you want to know the whole Life of Black Tiger story, just watch the Angry Video Game Nerd episode below.