Does the 'share, other, cancel' trick work on TikTok?


There are a lot of cute tricks used on TikTok to get users to "like" a video. TikTok users can tap the heart icon on any video uploaded to the app. This acts as a voting system for users to support their favorite content. "Likes" drive a popular video to the "For You" page, which serves as the main page for the music sharing app. Videos on the "For You"page are more likely to be seen by people outside of the user's fanbase. The more "likes" a video receives the more popular that video becomes.

Some TikTok users will try anything to get people to "like" their video. One popular trick is to tell people that the heart will change to a special color when they tap it. In reality, the heart only ever changes to red when a user taps it. Another trick is to get users to double tap a video. This is another way to "like" a video or send a heart, and there are a variety of creative ways to fool users into double tapping their screens when watching a video.

The latest trend is "share, other, cancel." It may have other names or reiterations. It's hard to know since TikTok fads move so quickly, and there is no real way to track them. Allegedly you can gain followers and become "TikTok famous" if you follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Share arrow
  2. Scroll to the end of the "Share to" options
  3. Tap Other
  4. Tap the Cancel option

I've tried this technique and others suggested in a few TikTok videos, and none of them deliver the promised results. It's safe to assume that #shareothercancel is just another baseless TikTok trend and does nothing but fool people into accidently liking or sharing a video.



Did it work for you?