Where is TikTok banned?


iPhone owners can freely download, install, and use TikTok on their personal devices in most parts of the world. Many national and state governments have moved to prevent TikTok usage on government-owned smartphones and tablets, enacting bans on these official devices. US government agencies were ordered to remove TikTok from federal devices by the end of March 2023.


How to turn on dark mode in TikTok

TikTok iOS

Many apps have added a dark mode to help make viewing content easier after the sun has set or in a dark room. The iPhone includes a True Tone display that adjusts the screen's color balance to match your surroundings, while iOS can automatically put the system into dark mode at sunset. TikTok had joined the party and now offers its own dark mode to make the interface easier on the eyes at night.

TikTok will darken most sections in the app when dark mode is enabled. Dark mode can be switched on all the time, or set to automatically turn on according to iOS settings.

How to change your names on TikTok


TikTok lets its users choose both a username and a display name. When first signing up for the video sharing service, TikTok provides a username right away. This initial name can be customized on the spot, but subsequent changes require a 30 day waiting period. Follow these steps if you're interested in refreshing your identity on TikTok with a name change.



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