How do I clear my TikTok search history/cache?

Clear TikTok Search

Like all of the popular social media websites and apps, TikTok uses an algorithm to serve you content that you may enjoy. The app uses your interactions and other data to make recommendations for your FYP page. This means your history is stored in your TikTok data which can be downloaded in the settings. Your data includes comment history, chat history, purchases, likes and favorites.


Does the 'share, other, cancel' trick work on TikTok?


There are a lot of cute tricks used on TikTok to get users to "like" a video. TikTok users can tap the heart icon on any video uploaded to the app. This acts as a voting system for users to support their favorite content. "Likes" drive a popular video to the "For You" page, which serves as the main page for the music sharing app. Videos on the "For You"page are more likely to be seen by people outside of the user's fanbase. The more "likes" a video receives the more popular that video becomes.


How to curb your TikTok addiction

Digital Wellbeing

Trouble always seems to be around the corner when it comes to teens and technology, and musical.ly Inc. seems to know the powder keg it controls with its app TikTok. The developers of the video sharing service have provided parents with resources to battle bullying, harassment and even suicide, and they have built in a tool so users can keep their TikTok usage under control.



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