Your iPhone Speaks Klingon

Klingons are jerks. Now you can communicate with them using your iPhone. Don't be at a loss for words after some kid wearing tights grunts in your general direction.

iphone app klingon

Now you can tell him to go away in his favorite fictional language. Ultralingua offers a complete Klingon language suite on the Apple app store for $11.99.

The suite includes the Klingon dictionary, phrase book and a "conversational" Klingon learning tool. Each app is available separately, with pricing for the Klingon-English dictionary at $9.99. The phrase book includes 50 phrases with audio pronunciation for $0.99.

The conversational tool is $3.99 and includes pronunciations by Michael Dorn. If you don't know who Michael Dorn is then you probably shouldn't purchase this app.

Ultralingua developed the app with help from linguist d'Armond Speers, who taught his newborn son Klingon for three years before switching to English.

There are 1,000 entries in the Klingon-English dictionary included with the language suite. According to Ultralingua, the Klingon conversational tool:

introduces students of interplanetary language and culture to the nuances of Klingon as spoken by creator Marc Okrand. In addition to an entertaining tour of Klingon society and customs, users can view flashcards in conjunction with the lesson.

The Star Trek Klingon Language Suite is sold by Simon and Schuster and was updated to version 1.1 in July 2009.