How to update your AirPods Pro firmware

AirPods Pro

Apple continually delivers firmware updates for its AirPods, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro wireless earphones. Firmware updates can offer improvements to sound quality, longer battery life, bug fixes, or even improve security. The AirPods Pro are the latest model to be released, with firmware version 2B584 installed at launch. How can AirPods Pro owners be sure they're running the most recent firmware?

Apple updates AirPods Pro over-the-air (OTA), which means the process happens while the AirPods are connected to a paired device. This happens automatically, and as of iOS 13.2.3 there's no way to force an update. Even though it's not possible to manually update the AirPods Pro, you can check to see if an update has been installed.

Check the current AirPods Pro firmware version

To see what firmware version is installed on the AirPods Pro, place the earphones in your ears or open the case next to the paired iPhone. Grab the iPhone and check the firmware version here:

Settings -> General -> About -> AirPods Pro

If your firmware version says 2B584, the AirPods Pro are still running the original firmware. The first firmware update to be rolled out since the AirPods Pro launch is version 2B588.

Let the firmware update happen

While there's no way to manually update the AirPods Pro firmware, you can encourage the process by keeping the AirPods close to your iPhone and either plugged into a Lightning cable or resting on a wireless charger. The more your AirPods Pro are used the more likely that iOS will push an update to the AirPods Pro when you're not paying attention. Charging next to a paired iPhone that has a Wi-Fi or data connection can be the perfect time for an update.

Apple keeps these firmware updates mysterious, with no official announcements or schedule of when updates are available. For those keeping track, there's also no listing of what improvements or fixes are included in each firmware update. Owners of the original AirPods or AirPods 2 can use the same tips above to make sure their wireless earphones are running the latest firmware.