What do the different color lights on the AirPods charging case mean?

AirPods Status Light

Apple's AirPods went from being a meme to being one of the most requested and popular gifts of the 2018 shopping season. The earpods are popular due to their wireless design, and have become a status symbol for those lucky enough to own a pair. AirPods feature a simple one-tap setup to connect to any compatible iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac model. They also deliver both crystal clear audio and phone calls, while giving users quick access to Apple's voice assitant, Siri.

AirPods are sold separately through apple.com or third-party retailers such as amazon.com. They ship with a wireless charging case, or a regular charging case. All models include a lightning to USB cable.

Each AirPod charging case includes a light to inform its users about the status of their wireless earbuds, but what do the different colors mean? Here is a quick guide to the different colors of the AirPod status light:

The status light shows both the status of your AirPods or the status of your case depending on if the AirPods are in the case or not.

  • Green = Charged
  • Amber = Less than one full charge remains
  • Flashing White = Ready to pair with another device
  • Flashing Amber = You have to repair your AirPods

How to pair your AirPods with another device.