How can I change my Memoji shirt color?

Why are Memoji clothes white? How do I pick a different color for Memoji shirts? Can I change the clothing color on Memoji?

Memoji clothing color

Apple Memoji clothes are white by default. But your Memoji doesn't have to stay this way. Much like everything else on a Memoji, the color of its shirt can be changed.

Follow these steps to change your Memoji shirt color:

  1. Launch the Messages app and start a new message
  2. Tap the emoji keyboard button
  3. Memoji clothing color 2
  4. Choose the more (...) button next to frequently used Memoji
  5. Memoji clothing color 3
  6. Select the Memoji to edit
  7. Choose custom Memoji shirt color
  8. Tap the more (...) button
  9. Memoji shirt color
  10. Tap the Edit button
  11. Memoji clothing color 4
  12. Swipe left to Headwear
  13. Memoji clothing color 5
  14. Choose a color. This color will apply to your shirt even without a hat, or if your Memoji wears a different color mask
  15. Memoji change shirt color