Rumored 4th Generation iPhone Features Leak

The fourth generation iPhone is on its way later this year, and reports have already surfaced indicating vast improvements in hardware and functionality. Apple is taking its iPhone to the next level to insure that competition from rival smartphones are held at bay.

Apple iPhone 4G

Wireless provider KT introduced the iPhone to South Korea in November of 2009, and sources within the company have given The Korea Times a glimpse of what Apple is planning for iPhone 4.0. Hardware upgrades include dual-core processors, improved graphics and a power-sipping organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.

Apple is ordering tens of millions of LED flash components that could be coupled with a 5MP camera to improve picture quality in low light scenarios. KT insiders described a video chat feature and believe Apple will engineer a removable battery in the next generation iPhone.

The exclusive deal between Apple and AT&T is ending in summer 2010. Negotiations between Verizon Wireless and Apple over iPhone pricing and other concerns is ongoing. Qualcomm is said to be manufacturing chips for Apple that would allow iPhone 4.0 to operate on Verizon's network.

iPhone OS 4.0 has already been spotted in traffic logs where Apple is field testing the new iPhone configuration.


Based on my research on the internet and intuition, this is my conclusion relative to Apple's new products for 2010.

1. Apple will hold a press event on January 27, 2010 disclosing its new product line.

2. There will be (4) new products.

(a) iPhone 4G which will be on Verizon's Network. There 4G network will be up and running before ATT's and the iPhone 4G will have a chip that will allow it to run on a CDMA network.

(b) Update 4.0 will be for ATT's 3G & 3Gs phones for a minor cost. I believe apple wants to expand its market and thus it will enter into a partnership with Verizion to tap into that market. Thus it only makes sense to provide an update to its existing ATT customers. I believe 4.0 will have the same interface/OS as the 4G but it will be limited by the 3G & 3GS hardware.

(c) A new iPod Touch with camera will be announced. Hopefully, video recording and webcam capabilities will be available.

(d) The iSlate (Tablet computer) will be available on multiple carriers to include, ATT, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile.

I personally would love for the iPhone 4G to be on ATT's network, but all the signs are pointing to Verizon. So, all I can do is wait patiently for Apple's announcement on the 27th, to fully reveal what we have been speculating on for so long.

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This site does sorta blow. I doubt there will be a new phone. I believe in iLife 2010 and maybe Tablet & OS 4.0.

Is this attack of the morons?

The article says nothing about them announcing a new phone, simply that they are developing it. If you don't think that is happening, you're a complete and total moron. They release a new phone each summer -- OBVIOUSLY they are working on it.

Before we start calling each other morons, you might consider I was responding to the first comment about the phone.

Well, you replied to the last comment -- thus your post being indented as a reply to that.

I couldn't have replied directly to the first one. By doing it this way, I keep my OCD in check because it's all in date order.

Really though, iPhone OS 4.0, iLife 2010 and tablet. Seems to be the majority of rumors.