How do I change the name on my Apple Card?

Apple Card

One of the advantages of the Apple Card is how easy it is to access important account features directly from your iPhone. This puts an end to unnecessary bank visits and sitting on hold while you try to complete simple tasks such as locking your card in case of theft. However, some things do require that you contact an Apple Card Specialist.

You will need to reach out to Apple support if you ever decide to change the name on your titanium Apple Card. To do so, just open the Wallet app on your device and tap the more button (3 dots in upper right hand corner), then tap the Message button to start chatting with an Apple Card Specialist. You will need to request a new card. You can recycle your old card through the Apple Trade-In page. Just scroll down to the bottom and select Other devices, choose Apple Card in the drop down box, then follow the directions on your browser.