New HomePod mini colors are here

HomePod mini 2021

The latest Apple HomePod mini colors have arrived. First revealed at Apple's fall Unleashed event, Apple's smart speaker now goes beyond the standard space grey and white options. Three new colors are available this week at Apple retail stores and online: Blue, Orange, and Yellow. Of course, the classic space grey and white versions continue to be offered.

No matter what color you choose, the HomePod mini costs $99. Buyers can also get two years of AppleCare+ tech support and accidental damage protection for $15. Apple offers delivery or in-store pick up, with ordering available on the Apple Store app or at Besides the different colors, the HomePod mini retains the same components and internal design.

Apple has recently upgraded the HomePod mini software, which delivers several additional features. With two units, HomePods minis can be stereo paired and even used with the Apple TV 4K. The HomePod is also capable of controlling the Apple TV, and automatically shows audio controls on a nearby iPhone or iPad lock screen. The bass level can be quickly reduced to avoid disrupting others.

With Blue, Orange, and Yellow variants, the HomePod mini can match more decor in more rooms. Multiple speakers can be used to create a multi-room linked audio system as well.

Despite its size measuring only 3.3 inches tall, the HomePod mini delivers room-filling 360-degree sound. The touch surface on top of the device is backlit, and HomePod mini includes full support for Siri voice control and Apple Music. Additional features such as Intercom, seamless handoff of music playback, Home app integration, and voice recognition of different family members round out the package.

Apple first launched the full-sized HomePod in 2018. Earlier this year the company discontinued the model, focusing entirely on the HomePod mini, which debuted in 2020.