Will my iPhone 13 case fit the iPhone 14?


iPhone 14 mockup by Front Page Tech

Apple insider Mark Gurman revealed in his Power On newsletter that Apple is planning a “complete redesign” for its Apple 14 lineup. According to early leaks, this includes flush rear cameras, a thicker chassis, a titanium design and no more notch. The thicker frame will most likely cause issues with your iPhone 13 case hand-me-down, and will once again force to upgrade your protective hardware.

Other rumored iPhone 14 changes include the removal of the iPhone 13 "notch" in favor of a small punch hole camera. This should not affect any case upgrades since the notch covers the device's screen.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, it is safe to assume you'll need to invest in a new case if you plan to upgrade to the iPhone 14 this fall.