How to block Instagram ads on iPhone

Instagram iOS

Sponsored posts pop up all the time when browsing an Instagram feed. These ads are targeted, which means some of them can be useful. All kinds of new products and services are offered alongside user content, however some of these ads are repetitive or not relevant. In these cases, skipping the ads altogether can make for a better experience. After all, who needs an interruption from a sponsored post every time you scroll down your Instagram feed?

Spending time curating your Instagram feed with content you enjoy does not have to be spoiled by ads. The timeline can be viewed using different methods, which removes sponsored posts from Instagram. While there is no option to turn off ads completely in Instagram, there are block ads and view your Instagram timeline without ads.

Block specific ads on Instagram

When an ad repeats or you're not interested in what it has to offer, follow these steps to block a sponsored post on Instagram:

  1. Tap the more (...) button next to the ad
  2. Choose Hide ad. If a sponsored post is a scam choose Report ad
  3. Pick a reason for hiding / reporting the ad
  4. The ad should not appear in your Instagram timeline again

View Instagram in Safari on iPhone

To avoid seeing ads while using Instagram, launch the Safari app on iPhone. Navigate to and sign into your account. Browse the timeline as normal, but without the onslaught of sponsored posts in your feed.

View Instagram on a Mac or PC

Another way to avoid advertising on Instagram is on a computer. Launch your web browser of choice, then log into your Instagram account at Enjoy an Instagram timeline without sponsored posts.

Viewing Instagram without ads means only the content you enjoy is delivered to your feed. Photos, reels, and more are experienced without the interruption of sponsored posts.