How to clear your Instagram search history on iPhone

Instagram for iOS

Convenience can be a good reason for a long search history. Instagram is no stranger to this concept, saving a list of recent searches on the iPhone for quick access. Saved information can include tags, Instagram users or any search term that's entered into the search field. While it may not often be necessary, it's good to know that the search history can easily be deleted.

The reason for deleting an Instagram search history can be as private as the information that pops up. If you're concerned that someone might see something they shouldn't, follow these steps to clear the Instagram search history.

1. Open the Instagram app

2. Tap the profile icon in lower right corner

3. Select the gear icon in the upper right for Options
Instagram search

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the OPTIONS page and tap Clear Search History

5. Confirm by selecting "Yes, I'm sure"

Now the Instagram search history is empty. All searches from this point forward will again be stored, beginning fresh with a blank slate. Use this tip as frequently as needed to delete search history on the Instagram app for iOS.

For those who don't already use Instagram, the iOS app is free on the App Store and requires iOS 7.0 or later.