How to use Remind Later with Mail on iPhone

Mail iOS

With the launch of iOS 16 the stock Mail app in iOS gains new features. One useful addition makes it possible to set a future reminder for email messages, which punts the message to a later date and streamlines the inbox. Setting a reminder for an email is as simple as marking a message unread.

Scheduling a reminder for an email message can be achieved in a few steps. The reminder can happen in as little as one hour, or scheduled for a custom date using the calendar. Follow these steps to use Remind Later with Mail on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Mail app
  2. Swipe left to right over the email message to postpone
  3. Tap the purple Later button
  4. From the menu select a time frame for the reminder
  5. To choose a custom time, tap Remind Me Later and pick a date
  6. The email will be hidden from the inbox and redeliver at the scheduled reminder time
  7. To reschedule a Remind Later look for the email message in the Trash folder